Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning & Remedial work


“Excellent trouble shooting and remedial works”

The necessity to clean cold water storage tanks is due over time to the build up of sediment and biofilm. When to clean is established though the six monthly/annual inspection of the cold water storage tanks, but every two years is a good rule of thumb to go by for budgeting purposes.

Water systems can be cleaned and disinfected quickly and with the minimal disruption to supply using a Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide biocide. This is designed to be left in the system and allowed to degrade naturally overtime, allowing the use of the water during the disinfection process. This reduces our time on site compared to other techniques, so disrupting your services as little as possible.

If it is necessary to maintain a residual in times of high counts or system problems, the chemical can be left on site and the dosing can be undertaken by the installation of an automatic dosing system. This administers the chemical proportionally to the amount of water being used.

An example of an inline automatic treatment system

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