Cold Water Tank Cleaning and Refurbishment

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Water Tank

A cold water tank contains the water that can feed the water taps. It can be made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Thermoplastic, used for domestic tank construction and Steel which are sometimes lined to prevent corrosion(LINK TO REFURBISHMENT PAGE) and normally can be found in the loft where gravity can assist the movement of water throughout your property.In larger buildings the water can be boosted from tanks in the basement.

An annual inspection of the cold water tank should be carried out to check the condition inside and surrounding area and the water within it. The lid should be in good condition and closely fitted; there should also be an insect and vermin protection screen on the overflow pipes and vents. The tank should have thermal insulation to protect it from the extremes of temperature. The water surface should be clean and free from any visible significant contamination. The tank should be cleaned, disinfected and any faults rectified periodically.

If you find debris, scale or vermin, an immediate cleaning must be carried out to avoid health hazards and an inspection should always be carried out frequently. Aqua analyse can carry out the above, giving you peace of mind that a thorough service will be provided.

We can also test the water in your tank if you have any concerns or evidence regarding contamination.

Installations Water Tank

Water Tank

In older properties, the water tank may be made from galvanised steel. Whether from age or through lack of proper maintenance, these tanks can corrode and cause problems in your water system.

So if you have the older steel type of cold water tank in your property, there could be a heightened legionella risk.

Here at Aqua Analyse our aim is to make sure that the water you use is safe.

We offer complete installations for domestic and commercial customers i.e. fitting new cold water tanks which are made from safe, reliable materials that are also designed to last the test of time.

We also provide water treatment and care with chemical dosage equipment and other treatment solutions to keep your water safe.


Old Galvanised Steel Water Tanks may be able to be lined to provide a suitable inside lining and in effect a new tank at a fraction of the cost of installing a new tank. This process coats the inside of the tank, having thoughly prepared the tank first, with two coats of a Potable Water Compliant Polyurethane paint. Once set the lining can last upto 10 years.

RefurbHeavily rusted tank before refurbishment

RefurbAfter refurbishment

Please find out more information regarding our water tank treatments on the Aqua Analyse web site.

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