Legionella Risk Assessment and Control

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A Legionella Risk Assessment is a report generated following a full inspection of your premises water systems and associated equipment and will identify whether there is any risk of exposure to Legionella. Aqua Analyse can then categorize these risks as Low, Medium or High Risk and will include photographic evidence with the appropriate recommendations that need to be carried out to reduce the risk or identify what is required to handle any actual instances of Legionella that have been detected. Our Risk Assessments also include schematic drawings of the water systems together with an asset register detailing category, location etc. of the assets present.

These bespoke assessments provide you with a tool by which you can work through a prioritised ‘Statement of Work’, referring where necessary to the more detailed aspects of the report. The Risk Assessment should be the starting point in any Legionella Management programme. This enables us, and you, to establish any remedial actions and requirements that maybe required to manage the water systems present in your premises.

As part of an effective health and safety management system, the Legionella risk assessment will be tailored to your specific systems and requirements.

Control Measures and Prevention


Once a risk has been identified and quantified, a Written Action Plan Scheme should be prepared for preventing or controlling it. Aqua Analyse can help you to design such a Scheme and also can help with the control and remedial measures required.

The control measures involve monitoring and routine inspection.

The frequency and extent of monitoring will depend on the operating characteristics of the water system specific to your environment. For control measures to be effective it is essential to keep the whole system clean as biofilms (a biofilm may form on any surface exposed to bacteria and some amount of water) and scale can reduce the effect of the control measure significantly.


Temperature monitoring can be the most frequent monitoring exercise, as temperature testing the water system is essential. The frequency and the type of water analysis required will depend on the nature of the system. Typically, Aqua Analyse will test the hot and cold water for Legionella and TVC (Total Viable Count) on a six monthly basis.The risk assessment should define the frequency of analysis depending of the type of installation and user. Aqua Analyse can be tasked with carrying out frequent inspections and offers a yearly maintenance option (Monitoring, cleaning, disinfection etc.) We can recommend remedial actions and water treatments, where necessary, so you can be sure that your premises are in order and that your risk assessment legal obligations are covered as per current Government regulations.

Aqua Analyses’ services are fully compliant with the Government Legionella Control Association’s Code of Conduct. We hold Full Membership status and we have helped many clients comply with the exacting regulations and have been instrumental in implementing measures for Legionella management and control. We strive to deliver an independent advice facility that is the most appropriate to your organisation to help you comply with the HSE’s L8 – The Approved Code of Practice and Guidance – for the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems.

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