Water Sampling
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Water Sampling and Water Analysis

Aqua Analyse provides several types of analysis; depending on the nature of the analysis, Click on the links below for further information on just some of the analysis possible.

Water sampling should not be relied upon as a means of legionella control and should always be carried out in conjunction with an organised Legionella Management Program. This should start with a Legionella Risk Assessment.

The need to sample your water system is NOT a legal requirement but a means of monitoring that your management practices are working. The number and location of the samples should be established from the outcome of the Legionella Risk Assessment and from the production of the Water System Schematic. The importance of a schematic is often overlooked but is an HSE requirement and would be required if you were ever have an incident or audit.

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Aqua Analyse uses UKAS Accredited Laboratories and will find the best laboratory for the analysis that you require ensuring that the analytical work undertaken is of the highest quality; this is paramount if you are to have complete trust in the results obtained.

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