Water System Disinfection
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Disinfections – Legionella Treament and BS6700 Chlorinations

A process by which water systems can be cleansed using chemicals. How this is carried out will depend on the type of chemical used and the reason for the disinfection.

Generally two options:

1, On-line disinfections – the chemical can be left in the system to degrade naturally; NOT BS6700 work.

2, Shut down disinfection – the chemical is introduced and stays in the system until flushed out and or neutralised. This is a lot more involved than an on-line disinfection but can be more effective.

Pipe disinfections carried out to BS6700 standards would involve option 2. If this is not practical then option 1 can be used with the clients approval.

Samples taken post disinfection from selected outlets.

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