Well Water Analysis
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Private Water Regulations 1991

Do you need to comply with these regulations?

Use our tool to find out and to check the frequency of testing and what is sampled.

If you have a bore hole on your land which you have sunk for the purposes of finding water or a well, spring or stream and wish to use that water for your own use it is a good idea have it tested for purity prior to consuming it. Aqua Analyse can help by providing a kit to enable you to take a sample of the water yourself which you then send in a prepaid courier bag to an accredited lab for analysis.

Aqua Analyse uses a network of UKAS Accredited Laboratories and will find the best laboratory for the analysis that you require ensuring that the analytical work undertaken is of the highest quality; this is paramount if you are to have complete trust in the results obtained.

Once the results are though, we then contact you with the results and any advice necessary.

We can also send out a trained member of staff to take the sample if you are in the local area, for an additional small charge.

If you would like advise or a quote please call us on 01628 563800, email: aquasales@aquaanalyse.co.uk

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